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Carrie Underwood is getting a nod from Time.  The magazine includes the country star on it's latest "100 Most Influential People" list, in the Icons category.  And Brad Paisley provides the write-up on her. 

He praises the former "American Idol" winner as "a prolific songwriter, a trend-setter and an Opry member," but says it's "her decency as a person" that he finds "so impressive."  Brad adds that Underwood has great deal of courage, using her starring role in last December's The Sound of Music live TV special to make his point. 

Brad explains that most singers make their Broadway show debut "in front of a thousand people," but Carrie "did it in front of 20 million."  Paisley adds that he sees "hope for the world" when he hears young girls say they "want to be just like" Carrie. 

Dolly Parton also contributes to the Time rundown, writing about her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus.  The country legend admits the young pop star, who's in the Artists category, broke away from her "Hannah Montana" past in a "drastic" way.  But Dolly says decades ago she forged her own path, so she respects that Miley is also doing things her own way. 

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