Florida Georgia Line aren't backing down from the suit filed against them by the promoter of Utah's Country Explosion festival over a bounced check.

The show's promoter says he asked FGL to wait three days before cashing a check for their performance fee, so that ticket receipts would be in the bank -- but they tried to cash it the next day and it bounced. And then their road manager, Troy Johnson, allegedly told a couple of colleagues about it. So Country Explosion LLC is suing for $15 million, saying that adds up to defamation.

But the FGL camp has an entirely different take on things and has released a statement saying, "We are disappointed to learn of the lawsuit filed by Country Explosion LLC in Utah yesterday. We have attempted in good faith to resolve this dispute without resorting to litigation. However, Country Explosion’s defensive and factually creative filing cannot change the fact that Country Explosion remains in breach of its agreement and still owes Florida Georgia Line a significant amount for their Sunday night performance.”

Florida Georgia Line say they're still owed $205,000.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune