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Richard Dunn was stranded in the Vegas airport with nothing but time til his early morning flight. He decided he'd make a music video with the backdrop of the empty McCarren Airport terminal. 

With just his iPhone ,iPad and luggage and a roll of tape typically used to seal up bags and boxes that a cleaning person gave him, he found ways to secure his phone to the hand rail of the moving sidewalk to create motion. Richard even asked some overnight janitors if they would walk through his camera shot for the video and they wanted nothing to do with him. 

Two things come out of this video.

1. Richard Dunn is a creative guy with a very funny sense of humor.




2. Record companies are going to wonder why they should have to spend a dime to make music video for artists now.


Watch..... All By Your Self! lol.  MichaelJ 


All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.