Hathaways Helping Hand Fundariser in Columbia County


Hathaways Helping Hand Fundariser in Columbia County!

A non for profit organization that collects funds from donations to give back to fire companies in Columbia County.

"By raising $1,000 myself and my personal care aide will be able to create a 501c charity organization to help First Responders such as firefighters, EMS and police. The way we will do this is by accepting donations from caring people around the community. We will take and distribute funds to the First Responders so they can purchase new equipment such as fire apparatus, new police uniforms, new ambulance equipment and much needed PPE. We are fundraising because over the years hundreds of companies from all over the United States and even the world have been very kind by providing me with virtual tours of their facilities and Company patches. I have over 1,500 in my collection. Myself and my personal care aide would be so extremely grateful to be able to raise the money to start our journey of giving back to all the important members of the community, the United States and ultimately the rest of the World."

Check out their Facebook page HERE or their GoFundMe page HERE