VCSC 2018 Zombie Fun Run 10/28/18

Pre-Register now through October 14th for the lowest rate. Online Registration closes October 24th. See registration for more details and rules. Register: 

You get to Pick: 

-Be a Runner (human) and run from the Zombies.

-Be a Zombie and pull the runner's flags as they run through your "Zombie Zone.

"Runners each wear 3 flags on a belt. These flags represent your “life”. Protect them from the zombies who are ready to chase you and steal your flags as you run the course. If you die by losing your flags, you can still finish the course as a runner. There are Safe Zones at mile markers 1 and 2 with water! Be on the lookout for walkers, runners, zombies and a surprise or two.

A Zombie’s job is to collect the lives of runners. You can only hunt and take 1 flag from each runner. 

Come dressed in your best zombie attire. 

Come early and finish your look with ghoulish makeup provided by the event’s team (free of charge although donations are always appreciated).

Grab all the info HERE!


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