Man puts Screws on the Road to Prevent His Ex from Dating Other People!

Meet 63-year-old Jeffrey Caouette who lives near Minneapolis, Jeff recently split up with his girlfriend...Which he didn't take so well. He was arrested this past week for throwing thousands of SCREWS on the road near her house. He claims it was because he wanted to prevent her from driving to see the "new guy she's dating".

It's not clear if she ever got a flat tire because of it. Buttttt roughly 150 OTHER people did. And it wasn't an isolated incident. He did it every other day for TWO MONTHS!!! This month alone, he purchased over 12,000 sheetrock screws.

Several people who live in the area had to replace all four of their tires after they drove over them...And a few had to replace their tires multiple times.

He's facing a felony charge for damage to property over $1,000. And it sounds like they'll be tacking on more charges as well.


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