Thomas Rhett Thinks His Daughters Might Have A Future In The Music Business

Thomas Rhett Thinks His Daughters Might Have A Future In The Music Business

Although Thomas Rhett's daughters, Willa Gray, 4, and Ada James, 2, are still very young, the country star already feels like they have a future in music.

"I mean, anytime I get a guitar out like I can't keep it in tune, because they just want to turn the knobs and play the strings," Rhett shared with his record label. "And Willa Gray has a little baby piano that she plays a lot out of key. And they both sing a ton, and they remember the words to my songs at such a young age."

He continues, "I think when you're around it as much as they're around music, I think they're gonna grow up to do something. They may not be a musician, but I think they would love to be in and around the entertainment business in some fashion."

Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins, are preparing welcome their third daughter. The baby isn't due until February 3, however, Akins is hoping the baby comes early. "I hope to God it is something sooner than Feb. 3," Akins says in a video Rhett shared on social media.

"For the sake of @laur_akins sanity, we are hoping little baby girl gets here this week," Rhett captioned the video which showed Akins hanging up her scarf at the doctor's office.


Rhett and Akins announced they are expecting another baby girl in July. "Excited to share that I will now be paying for 3 weddings😂," Thomas wrote on Instagram. "I feel so blessed to say that our third child is on the way and it’s a girl!! I love you so much @laur_akins. WG and AJ, y’all are gonna be the best big sisters! Bring on the crazy."

After spending some time at home with his family, Rhett will kick off his "Center Point Road Tour" in May. Cole Swindell and Hardy will be joining him out on the road as opening acts. Tickets for the tour are available now.


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