Goshen middle school students become sick after ingesting ‘substances’

According to Mid-Hudson News,

GOSHEN – Two C. J. Hooker Middle School students took some form of substance before the start of school on Tuesday requiring that they be transported to the hospital and were under observation, Goshen Schools Superintendent Dr. Kurtis Kotes said in a letter to Goshen families.

Goshen Village Police are investigating the source of those substances.

Kotes said the district has seen an uptick of students ingesting potent substances. “Last month, several high school students required medical attention after ingesting substances during the school day,” he reported.

“We may not understand why our children make these types of decisions; however, we need to ask ourselves, as a community, what can we do to keep our children safe? How can we get through to them the dangers of these highly potent substances that are circulating our schools?” Kotes wrote.

In response to the increased number of drug-related incidents this year, the superintendent said the district’s crisis team worked with the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council of Orange County to incorporate additional, grade-level presentations at the middle school, and is working with New York Project Hope for more programming as well.

Coincidental to the drug issue at the middle school, Kotes said the police conducted a scheduled drug sweep with detection dogs at C.J. Hooker on Tuesday.

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