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I Love You Card for Grandma

I Love You Card for Grandma

I have always loved to send cards. Birthdays, Christmases, new babies, Tuesdays, whatever the reason, I send a card. A few years ago, I noticed more e-cards and less traditional cards for the holidays or birthdays and it kind of made me sad.

I get it, it's easier and faster to send an e-card, no postage required. But now, after all of the changes that Coronavirus has brought us, including not being able to see our loved ones in person, sending a card, a real card that you can hold in your hands, has taken on a new meaning.

Our lives have slowed down a bit, and that's not a bad thing. It has given us more time to think about things, re-prioritize, put things in perspective. It also means that we may be searching for something to do with our kids or something to keep us from snacking nonstop.

Making cards to send to your friends and family can be a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening and you don't need fancy papers or materials. If you've got pens, paper, and envelopes you are good to go. If you can print out some photos, maybe have some colored pencils or markers to embellish, even better.

The point is that it doesn't really matter how you decorate a card, it matters that it gets sent to a parent, grandparent, child, friend, or colleague. Anyone who you know could use a little reminder that they count, that you are thinking about them, and that you would hug the stuffing out of, if only you could.

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