How Much Money Does the Tooth Fairy Leave For Kids in the Hudson Valley?

Tooth Fairy: brushing teeth with giant toothbrush

Tooth Fairy: brushing teeth with giant toothbrush

The Tooth Fairy has been around a long time. Think of all the visits made for millions of lost teeth and all the money left under pillows. Which brings me to this question, when you were little, how much money did the Tooth Fairy leave you, per tooth?

According to Delta Dental, who has been conducting an annual survey on the Tooth Fairy's rates since 1998, the price varies by region in the United States. I grew up in Pittsburgh, which some say is the Mid-West, and we got fifty cents per tooth. No, I will not say what year that was.

The average cost of a tooth when the study began in 1998, was $1.30, it has gone up considerably since then. In fact, last year was a banner year for Tooth Fairy payouts with the average cost, per tooth, at $4.70.

How did kids in the Hudson Valley fare last year? The Northeast had the highest average Tooth Fairy payout in the country at $5.72. The West wasn't far behind at $5.54. The kids in the South got a little less with the average at $4.45 per tooth and, in last place, the kids in the Midwest got almost $2 less at $3.66 per tooth.

How much does the Tooth Fairy leave your kids under their pillow?

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