Bobby Bones Show Shares Moments From The iHeartRadio Music Festival

This past weekend was the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Festival and members from The Bobby Bones Show shared their best and worst moments!  

Bobby Bones had a lot of fun hosting on Hulu for the festival + seeing some of the performances. However, he did have some worst moments:  

  1. On Saturday he and his wife were gone for about six hours, and when they got back to their room, it was cleaned but there was a big pile of wet towels in the shower they didn’t leave and there was also human poop in the shower. They quickly got ready and stayed away from it. When they were gone someone came in and cleaned it. He posted a video of it on Instagram.
  2. In his room he saw a piece of gold in the middle of a couch cushion. He thought someone had left money and was about to grab it when his wife stopped him. She used a book to flip it over and saw it was a golden painted toenail from whomever was there last.  
  3. When he got to his room it had two floors to ceiling windows, and because of the Vegas hack, they couldn’t get the blinds to work since the button was connected to an iPad. So, they had to deal with the Vegas lights all night until his wife made makeshift curtains with towels. Bones thinks he only got two hours of sleep that night and thankfully got the issue resolved the next day. 

They also shared a recap from some of the biggest performances! Night two was Fall Out Boy and Bones said they were so good he would buy a ticket to see them on tour! He also watched Foo Fighters with Eddie and sang along as hard as they could! One of Bones favorite moments was with his friend Charlamagne tha God because they had a great time. He also saw the cast of Boy Meets World and wanted to get a picture with them, but he had to act normal and didn’t get one. Bones also interviewed Lenny Kravitz who thought he was strange, but Bones thought he was lovely! 

While in Vegas, Lunchbox planned to gamble and win a lot of money to buy himself a new car. He did win some money, but it won’t be enough for a new car. He won $862. While at the slot machine he realized he isn’t ready to let go of his old car yet, so he’s going to find out how much it would cost to try and fix it again. There are no plans for a new car as of now. 

On Saturday night, Morgan pulled an all-nighter going to a few after parties and going to Taco Bell with a guy. It was someone who works for the company, and they had met before. He works in Nashville but travels a lot. The first time they met was when they were in the same suite together at the Nashville Taylor Swift concert and they exchanged Instagram handles. Then at the festival they exchanged numbers and spent hours talking in Taco Bell and walked the Las Vegas strip and she didn’t get home until six in the morning. They didn’t kiss but said she would be up for going on a date with him. There was another guy she met at iHeartCountry Festival who was also at the Vegas festival that she thought was cute and attempted to find more information out on him.

Eddie was standing by Lance Bass and noticed he was all alone, so he went up to him and asked for a picture but got stiff armed by his security who told him to get away. He knows it was not a Bass thing because many people got a picture with him, but admitted it was such a terrible feeling he didn’t try to get another one. 

You can watch the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Hulu from October 10th-31st!

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