Guy Files Coronavirus Lockdown Pass Paperwork To Go "Smash A Guy's Face In"

You've got to appreciate a criminal who respects paperwork.

Right now, France has a lockdown where people can only go more than about a half mile from their house for essential activities like getting groceries or seeing the doctor.

Well, on Friday, a 39-year-old guy named Daniel Kerdraon filled out the official government form looking for an exemption. He wanted a pass to, quote, "smash a guy's face in."

And because he put the full details of his plan on the form, the police found him right where he said he'd be at 10:15 P.M. on Friday . . . hiding behind a car outside the guy's house, waiting to smash his face in.

The police said they appreciated Daniel filling out the forms to stay compliant with the laws, but his reason for breaking the lockdown wasn't valid.

So he was hit with a $160 fine for that violation, plus another $180 for being drunk in public. There's no word on WHY he wanted to smash the guy's face in. 

(The Guardian) Image © 2020 Getty Images