A Dog Walker Reports Finding A HUMAN FOOT ...But It Was Just A Potato

A dog walker stumbled across what she thought was a human foot buried in a muddy field and sent police a photograph of a toe poking out of the soil. That picture had police combing through the muddy field looking for it.

However, after they brought in the police dogs they realized it wasn't a human foot but rather a potato with a mushroom growing next to it. 

Inspector Phil Hamlani said that "The person who called this in was very concerned and in the picture, she sent to us, the object did look like it could be human remains." He added, "It was already dark by the time we got a call and so we had to deploy search teams to track down the scene to rule out any foul play."

"The search team did have a chuckle when they realized it was a potato, but the call was made in good faith and we can only praise the vigilance of the woman who made the call."

Police praised the woman for her "vigilance" and said the call had been made in "good faith." However it was after she called about another issue at home which turned out to be kielbasa that has them wondering what is going on. Actually, I may have made that last part up!

Source: BBC Image © 2020 Getty Images