Guy Steals a Police Webcam on His Way Out of Jail

You'd think the time when someone WOULDN'T want to commit a crime is when they were finally getting out of jail. You'd think.

There's a 35-year-old guy named Steven Moran from Vero Beach, Florida. And he was arrested last month for criminal mischief and taken to county jail.

He got out on a $1,000 bond. And while he was in the booking area getting discharged . . . he stole a WEBCAM off one of the jail computers and slipped it in his pocket.

When the jail realized the camera was missing, the police investigated . . . and figured out Steven stole it as he was being discharged.

So he was arrested on Thursday for theft. He got out on bond again . . . and as far as we know, this time, he didn't steal any souvenirs on his way out. 

(The Smoking Gun(Here's his mugshot.) Image © 2020 Getty Images