Six-Year-Old Boy Finds a Bullet in His Flamin' Hot Cheetos

On Sunday, a six-year-old kid in Elmo, Montana was eating a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos . . . and found a BULLET in the bag.

And in the photo of the bullet, you can see it has Flamin' Hot Cheeto dust stuck in some of the grooves.

The kid's dad, who's a guy named Bow Horn Weasel (???), reached out to Frito-Lay on Facebook. They sent him a kit to have the bullet tested.

Bow says he doesn't want any money, he just wanted Frito-Lay to know it happened so it won't happen again.

Frito-Lay says, quote, "This situation is highly unusual and troubling, and we have already taken steps to investigate and attempt to identify the root cause." 

I’m just glad for this story because I got to say “Bow Horn Weasel’.

(TMZ(Here's a picture of the bag of Cheetos and the bullet.) Image © 2020 Getty Images