19-Year-Old Is a “Golden Girl”, Accidentally Moving Into a Retirement Home

There's nothing like someone born in the 2000s accidentally creating a real-life version of an '80s sitcom.

There's a 19-year-old woman named Madison Kohout. And she recently moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas after she found a place online that was just $350-a-month for a two-bedroom. She rented it sight unseen and moved.

But after she was moved in . . . she realized she'd rented a room in a RETIREMENT HOME.

Quote, "A week later, I saw the sign reading 'Senior Citizen Apartments.' I realized I accidentally moved into a retirement village."

But believe it or not . . . she says it's actually going WELL. She's started making friends with her neighbors and, quote, "I've never had so many home-cooked meals in my life."

Madison is documenting her new sitcom life on TikTok if you want to follow along. 

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