Who Gets a Ruler to the Knuckles Now? Ex-Nun Pleads Guilty to Stealing 835K

A retired nun isn’t a “usual suspect” in wire fraud and money laundering charges, but 79-year-old Mary Margaret Kreuper from Los Angeles has pleaded guilty to stealing around $835k over ten years from St. James Catholic School, where she was the principal for 28 years.

Officials say that during that time, the good sister was embezzling. As an added bonus, there was the falsifying of monthly & annual reports to cover it all up

Did she do it to help someone? Not exactly; Sister Mary Margaret has admitted she stole the money to cover her “large gambling debts” at casinos. She faces up to 40 years in federal prison after her guilty plea.

Her lawyers may try to work out a deal where she just gets a ruler to the knuckles… I may have made that part up…

Source: KTLA Image © 2021 Getty Images

Photo: E+