Hitched in Space? Couples Could Get Married Above the Earth By 2024

Photo: AFP

On this day where Jeff Bezos made his spaceflight on the heels of Richard Branson’s here’s a space-related story.

With weddings and group events coming back after pandemic quarantines, many people are looking for something unique, and Florida-based Space Perspective has what they’re looking for.

The company plans to start a passenger service into space in 2024 using football-field-sized space balloons to carry a passenger capsule 100k feet, or 19 miles, above the Earth.

The first flights are scheduled for 2024, and the company says it’s already had customers that have bought an entire flight for events and weddings.

Each flight will take up to eight guests into the stratosphere for a six-hour trip in a capsule equipped with a bathroom, bar, and onboard Wi-Fi, but if you’re looking for a wedding on a budget this might not be for you; tickets are priced at $125k.

Source: Daily Mail Image © 2021 Getty Images

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