Guy With Covid Disguised Himself As His Wife To Sneak On a Plane

Photo: Moment RF

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Which, normally, is a way to provide someone encouragement to not give up. Completely abused by this dude.

An Indonesian man was determined to catch a plane. The man tested positive for COVID-19 before a flight from Jakarta to Ternate, which meant he wouldn’t be allowed to fly due to Indonesia’s Level 4 travel health notice and an “avoid travel” advisory.

He didn’t let that stop him. Dressing in his wife’s veil that covers all of the face except for the eyes, he tried to use her I.D. and negative test to board his flight. Amazingly, he almost got away with it; he was only caught when he went into the restroom on the plane and changed back into male clothes. A flight attendant noticed and alerted ground authorities who apprehended the man when the plane landed.

Source: Forbes Image © 2021 Getty Images

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