Wanna Make 12 Sandwiches at Once? Check Out This Parent’s Awesome Hack!

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Parents don't have a lot of spare time, which is why simple hacks like this go viral.

A mom on TikTok showed people how to make 12 sandwiches at once for beach days, or long car rides. 

Instead of a loaf of bread, you use an entire pack of King's Hawaiian dinner rolls.Each pack has 12 rolls all stuck together. So, you take them out of the bag, but don't separate them. Then you use a big bread knife to slice the whole thing in half from the side, so you basically have two huge slices of bread. And after that, you just make one GIANT sandwich.

Put lunchmeat and cheese on the bottom part, or whatever you want in there. Then put the top on and cut the buns apart, so you end up with 12 mini sandwiches you can toss in a cooler. She says the best part is you can shove them right back in the same packaging the rolls came in, so you don't have to wrap them. 

(Here's the video.) Image © 2021 Getty Images

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