Guy Who Went Viral for Chasing a Wild Pig ...Now Has His Own Toy?

Photo: EyeEm

Last summer, an older gentleman in Germany started chasing after a wild boar that stole his bag. And a photo of it went viral . . . because he was SANS CLOTHES when it happened.

He was doing some sunbathing at a lake near Berlin when the boar grabbed his bag and ran off. And a woman named Adele Landauer got an action shot of it.

And now that picture has inspired a brand new TOY you can buy.  (???)

A company that makes model trains recreated the moment with little action figures. And they're selling them as an accessory for train sets, so you can make it part of the landscape.

They actually captured it pretty well. There's a mini version of him running, and the wild boar has his bag in its mouth, just like in the photo.

The company says sales have been pretty good so far. But Adele isn't happy about it . . . and says she might SUE them for recreating the photo without her permission.

For what it's worth, the guy in the picture doesn't seem to care about any of this. He gave Adele permission to post it on social media last year but hasn't commented on the model train version. And his name has never been made public. 

(The Guardian) (Here's a comparison photo.) Image © 2021 Getty Images

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