Weirdest Discovery? Try A Coffin with a 4000-Year-Old Man and an Axe Inside

Photo: Getty Images

This seems like something you'd expect to see at a Viking-themed MINI GOLF course . . . not an ACTUAL golf course.

A COFFIN was accidentally discovered in a pond at a golf course in Lincolnshire, England in 2018 . . . during a hot, dry summer. Now, archaeologists have revealed that it's an old Bronze Age relic.

Inside were the remains of a 4,000-year-old man, who was buried with an axe.

Experts say the coffin was made from hollowing out an oak tree trunk. And they believe that the man must have been important, because his body was cushioned with plants and raised over the grave with a gravel mound. The axe was well-preserved . . . and probably a symbol of authority, rather than a tool.

The whole thing is undergoing preservation work. And when it's completed, it'll be exhibited at a museum.

( has a photo of the coffin and the axe.) Image © 2021 Getty Images

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