A Guy Was Stuck in Traffic and REALLY Needed to Go #1, So He Called 911

Photo: Getty Images

Remember, 911 is only for emergencies . . . as in real ones, not BATHROOM emergencies.

Some knucklehead up in Canada near Toronto recently called 911 . . . because he was sitting in traffic and really needed to PEE.

He asked for an ambulance first. Then he said he needed a cop, because the cars in front of him weren't moving, and he desperately needed to go.

The 911 operator wasn't having it. He basically told the guy to stop being a moron, and the whole call lasted 38 seconds. 

It's not clear if they charged him with a crime, but they released the audio to remind people not to misuse 911.  (My question is why didn't he just pull over? Men have it a lot easier than women when it comes to roadside bladder relief.)

(CTV News) (Here's the full call.) Image © 2021 Getty Images

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