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Teen Thought Some Guy Had a Knife …But It Was Just an Old Flip Phone

Hand holding cell phone, side view

Photo: Getty Images

What's the opposite of "Okay, Boomer" . . . like if you want to make fun of a young person for being clueless? Because I think this story calls for it . . .

Two teenage girls were at a train station in northern Japan around 1:30 in the afternoon when one of them thought she saw a guy walking around with a big KNIFE in his hand. So, she called the cops to report it.

She said it was either a knife or a big handsaw. But it was actually neither of those things; it was something much more harmless.

It turned out he was just holding an old FLIP PHONE.  (???) And she's so young, she'd apparently never seen one before.

Her friend . . . who's a little more worldly . . . told the cops it might have been a phone. But they decided to track the guy down anyway, just in case.

They looked through security footage . . . figured out who he was . . . and searched his bag. And sure enough, he had an outdated flip phone, but no knife. So, they let him go.

No word on whether it convinced him to finally upgrade or not. 

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