Felicia's Dog Autumn Goes Mudding This Morning

I was getting ready to come to the station to do my shift on 96.1 KissFM. Autumn was barking to go out, so with a towel on my head, I take her out to the backyard. I went to get a better grip on her leash when a squirrel starts running so Autumn pulls. When she pulled the leash slipped out of my fingers and she went running up the backyard.

Our backyard connects to the power lines and the woods btw. So Autumn goes running up the hill but I can still see her. I am trying to get close but not run up on her because I don't want her to think it is a game and keep running. Then she took off over the hill, in which I lost her. I make it over the hill and was yelling for her; asking her if she wanted to go to camp, go for a car ride, find Daddy, but nothing. I kept listening for her in the leaves. So I then return to the house, still yelling for her. I make it to the backyard and I hear movement in the leaves. Autumn comes walking around the side of the house looking like a wolf dog covered in mud!

I was so happy that she returned home and knew how to get home. She was very happy to see me and ran to the back door for me to let her in. I was thankful the leash was still on her so when I brought her inside she didn't go running everywhere in the house with all that mud on her. She then got a bath and I got a second shower of the morning.

Check out the before and after bath pictures below. Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

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