How Much $$ Famous Apartments on "Friends" & Other Shows Would Really Cost

One of the most popular sitcoms in TV history earned the six main cast members of "Friends" over one million dollars per week in the final few seasons. However, the characters they portrayed on the show had average paying jobs. 

Did you ever wonder how the show's Monica and Rachel could afford to live in such a huge New York apartment (by NYC standards at least).

The simple answer is: They couldn't afford it. At least not in the real world based on their fictional salaries. According to a new video from Coinage (below), all the luxurious, TV apartments we dreamed maybe one day we could afford came with a pretty hefty price tag in real life, including Monica's.

You would need a "reality check" (get it? reality check lol) to pay the monthly rent.   

Break out the calculators. It's time to crunch the numbers. While on the show, Monica and Rachel only paid a meek $200/month for their 1,1125-square-foot West Village apartment, Coinage estimates the 2017 rent for a similar space would be a whopping $4,500/month. That's per month, just for rent. We haven't even factored in the cost of utilities or food! Sure, it was the '90s and things were a bit cheaper, but not by that much. Fortunately for those two, Monica inherited the space from her grandmother and it was rent controlled. Us? Not so lucky.

Other price reality checks in the video include the apartments from How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, and everyone's favorite Sex and The City. And as you can imagine the latter has the most heartbreaking revelation for aspiring writers. Carrie Bradshaw's stylish Upper East Side pad is a fictional $750/month, but in reality the rent would be closer to $2,800/month. Yikes. And that's probably just the tip of the iceberg in Manhattan.

Watch the video below to learn how much other TV apartments would cost in real life!


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