Creative Halloween Treats Available On Amazon

Halloween is less than a week away, so it’s time get those treats ready for  your party and trick-or-treating. Thanks to Amazon, you can purchase many creative treats without leaving the comfort of your couch.

  • IV Bag Drinks - You and your squad will look extra creepy while catching a buzz when you drink out of these medical IV bags.
  • Assorted Halloween Peeps - This sweet snack comes in a 4-pack assortment of pumpkins, cats, ghosts, and monsters for Halloween.
  • Gummy Fang Teeth Candy - Scare the trick-or-treaters with your gummy fangs and you’ll have plenty leftover to share because you get two pounds, which is about 130 pieces.
  • Chocolate Fudge Halloween Pop-Tarts - Start your day by getting into the Halloween spirit with these Halloween Pop-Tarts.
  • Halloween Fortune Cookies - Break open one of these orange or black treats to get your Halloween fortune.
  • Gummies Shaped Like Organs - Nothing says Halloween like some candy in the shape of human organs and body parts. These candies look so real, they could give some people the creeps.
  • Cadbury "SCREME" Eggs - Everyone’s favorite Easter creme eggs have gotten a scary makeover with the green creme filling, but these treats are just as delicious.
  • Gummy Eyeball Ice Cube Tray - While making festive cocktails for your friends, toss in a few of these eyeball-infused ice cubes for fun.
  • Jello Shot Syringes - Bring your boozy fun to the next level this Halloween with these syringes made for Jello shots.
  • 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray - Frighten your party guests with these scary skull ice cubes in their drinks. And add some B vitamins to the water for the ice cubes and they’ll glow under black light.

Source: Foodbeast

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