Moms Share Things They Did As Kids Which Are Now Unacceptable

When you look back at your childhood, you may think about the good 'ol days of playing on the block without your parents watching or riding your bikes without helmets. 

Times have changed. These days, parents would NEVER allow their kids to do that. Well, some parents are revealing the things they were allowed to do as kids, which would likely be frowned upon in this day and age, and we bet many people over 40 can relate. 

Some moms fondly recall climbing trees, while others remembered being sent down the block to buy cigarettes for their parents. Others fondly remembered spending all day playing hide & seek all over town or being allowed to walk to locations miles from their home on their own.

A new thread on the Internet forum Mumsnet has parents revealing things they did as kids that would be considered unacceptable these days including: 

  • “My bro and I used to crouch on the top or near top stair and launch ourselves frog style to the hallway floor below. We believed we could fly…”
  • “Going out on bikes all day with other kids. Being out all day with no parent actually having any idea where any of us were.”
  • “We used to sleep out in my cousins shed at the end of a really long garden that backed onto a park.”
  • “At 9/10 I would take the public bus across the city to school, make my own way to after school activities and often have my own supper until my mother got home.”
  • “Swimming in the river as young children, miles away from responsible adults.”
  • “When I was little, I remember my older sister and brother use to dial (using the old dial phones) a random phone number & when the person answered they got me to say something silly like 'poo poo' & hang up!”
  • “I also remember picking up discarded chewing gum, washing it in the sink and then chewing it.”
  • “Knocking on random doors and asking to walk a dog.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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