Don't Let a Bad Moment Ruin Your Day

We've all experienced ups and downs. It could be just one of those days. It may start from the moment you wake up when everything just goes wrong... You overslept, spilled your coffee, running late to work, you’re overwhelmed with emails.  It seems to be an endless list which can feel suffocating

It's time to take control. There are ways you can keep the bad things that happen to you from ruining your whole day.

 Here are the ways to keep yourself from getting your day ruined: 

  • Observe your emotions so you understand how you’re feeling.
  • Keep in mind you might be seeing the situation incorrectly.
  • Stay focused on the facts and really knowing what actually went down.
  • Diffuse negativity with a positive habit.
  • Get out of your own head.
  • Check in with yourself and make sure you’re okay.

There’s nothing worse than having something terrible happen when you’re just trying to get through your day to day. Make sure you reward yourself for all of the hardships you face! That coffee isn’t going to replenish itself!

Do something that makes you happy when something bad happens during your day. 

Source: Huffington Post

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