Five Mistakes To Avoid On The Grill

Memorial Day is the the second most popular grilling holiday, surpassing Labor Day, which has been number two for more than a decade. 

75% of all grill owners plan to be behind their grill on Memorial Day

Fourth of July is still the most popular grilling holiday, with 87% of people planning to grill on Independence Day.

More people than ever before will be firing up the grill this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. They prefer gas grills over charcoal 39% vs. 35% on Memorial Day. Overall,  46% of grill owners own both a gas and a charcoal grill.

Here's five mistakes you might be making on the grill: 

1. Don't use too much lighter fluid. Put newspaper under the charcoal, and use THAT to get them started. Or if you have to use it, let the charcoal burn for about 30 minutes to burn it off. Otherwise your food might end up tasting like lighter fluid.

2. Make sure the grill is super hot, especially for steak. You want it to sear the outside. If you slow-cook steaks with the lid down, you basically end up steaming them, and they'll turn out dry.

3. Don't use direct heat all the time. Once they're seared on the outside, move them to the edge of the grill, so they don't get burnt.

4. Don't move the meat around too much. Let it sit for about four minutes after you put it on. And don't poke it or push down on it with tongs, because it makes all the juices leak out.

5. Don't cook too many things at once. If you cook two types of meat at the same time, the flavors end up transferring. And if the entire grill is full, you won't be able to move things to the edge of the grill when you need to.

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