North Chatham Free Library: Tick Talk!

North Chatham Free Library

Photo: Allen, Ashley

North Chatham Free Library (NCFL) Presents “Tick Talk” with Nancy Winch, Columbia-Greene Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener on Wednesday, June 12 at 10 AM

This Free Event is Located at 4287 Route 203

North Chatham, NY (May 21, 2024) – Ticks have become prevalent in the Northeast beginning in early Spring up until the snow flies. There are many different species however – only a few transmit disease to animals and people often presenting as Lyme disease.

To protect yourself and your pets, make sure to educate yourself at NCFL’s Tick Talk program with Master Gardener Nancy Winch on the different species of ticks and the various bacterial infections they transmit. Learn about the different species of ticks present in our area, how to identify them, remove them, and dispose of them.

In addition, understand how to safeguard yourself from them and if bitten how to identify or manage the early stage of potential disease. Early identification is best to avoid long-term sequelae of tick-related illnesses.