Stay Safe During Summer Storms #ad

Summer storms can bring lightning, high winds and sometimes hail that can cause service interruptions. Be prepared. Before a storm:

 • Assemble an emergency kit with bottled water, nonperishable food, flashlights, a battery-operated radio, extra batteries and a first aid kit.

• Have a non-electric can opener on hand.

• Fill your tub with water for extra water reserves.

• Charge all mobile devices.

During a storm: 

• Report outages by texting “OUT” to 236483, (sign up for text messaging at, calling the PowerLine: (845) 452-2700, or logging in to

• Stay connected with Central Hudson’s mobile app ( or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

• Tune in to local radio stations. When outages are severe enough to affect many customers (generally for more than a couple of days), Central Hudson activates“CHECK” (Central Hudson Emergency Communication NetworK).

• Never go near downed wires (stay at least 30 feet away) and always stay clear of working crews.

• Protect and unplug electronics.

• Avoid opening your refrigerator and freezer unnecessarily during outages, so food lasts longer.

• Avoid wet and flooded areas as electricity and water are a dangerous combination.

• If you are operating a generator, never run it indoors or inside a garage — only outdoors in a well-ventilated area and follow all safety guidelines.

Stay up to date with the latest weather conditions in the Hudson Valley HERE


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