FREE Thanksgiving Meal at Mamma Musetti's in Wappingers Falls

As you all know we have done many things to give back to our community since we have opened our doors in April. We have collected food for our food bank, we have collected school supplies for children who needed them, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Our business is based on family, both ours and yours. It’s also based on community, when you're in our café, you're family.

That being said, this Thanksgiving, we are opening our doors at the café from 5pm-7pm to anyone or any family who is alone, anyone who doesn’t have family or anyone who just doesn’t have the resources or funds to provide a thanksgiving for their family. No questions asked, no proof of income or anything like that. Your financial status doesn’t matter to us. This is a FREE meal for anyone who needs it. Come sit down and enjoy a thanksgiving feast cooked by our family right in our kitchen at Mamma Musetti’s completely judgment free!

All we ask is you RSVP so we know how much food to make. Again this is not a meal that is being sold. It’s completely free for anyone who needs it. If anyone is acting inappropriate or is intoxicated they will be escorted out. Again this is for families. It’s just our way of making sure people have a warm place to go and sit down to a nice meal on Thanksgiving. To RSVP or to donate any food items to this event please call us at the café. 845-297-9365

Please share this post in hopes that everyone who needs to see it, will see it. Thank you!

We are located at 2649 East Main Street in Wappingers Falls. Find us online at

Here is the link to donate:

UPDATE: This is open also to any college student that can’t get home for Thanksgiving break! If you are alone this year and want a sense of family, you are also welcome!”

God Bless!

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