If Your Kid Knocks a Tooth Out . . . Just Shove It Back In?

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Here's a fun scenario for parents: Your 10-year-old just knocked their front tooth out. What do you do with it? According to this, you should shove that sucker BACK IN.  (???)

A pediatric dentist just did a video about what to do in that situation. You've probably heard that putting a tooth in MILK can help save it, which is true. But she says putting it back in the socket is better . . . "even if it's the wrong way."  (???)

This is only for ADULT teeth. Baby teeth don't matter. And it's also not possible if the tooth broke off. But assuming it's still in one piece, here are the four steps . . .

1. Don't pick it up by the root. Don't touch the root at all, just the crown.

2. Rinse it with water. No soap or chemicals, and don't dry it. You need to keep it wet.

3. Gently try to slide it back into your screaming child's mouth. It should slip right in there, but if it's not happening, don't force it. You've still got the milk option.

If you don't have milk, you could also put the tooth in YOUR mouth for safe keeping. Just tuck it right in your cheek.  (What a fun family bonding moment!) Don't put it in a young child's cheek though, or they might swallow it. And don't put it in tap water.

4. Go straight to a dentist. If it's not back in the socket within an hour, there's less of a chance they can save it. 

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