Hurley moves toward climate action plan

According to Mid-Hudson News, HURLEY – The Hurley Town Board voted unanimously on Tuesday, for a Government Operations Climate Action Plan to be prepared as part of the town’s participation in the state’s Climate Smart Communities Certification Program.

Hurley will submit the plan to the state’s Office of Climate Change for the consideration of points toward Climate Smart Communities certification.

A Government Operations Climate Action Plan is a strategy document that sets goals and outlines a set of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provides a framework for achieving those targets.

Hurley’s Climate Smart Task Force, comprised of municipal officials and environmental volunteers from the community, will collaborate with the Hudson Valley Regional Council to develop the Climate Action Plan.

As part of the process, the task force will provide an opportunity for public input as and comment. The task force then will present a summary of the draft plan to the town board for consideration.

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