Mother sneaks into Arlington High School to watch daughter fight

According to Mid-Hudson News, LAGRANGE – A mother of a freshman student sneaked into Arlington High School on Tuesday to watch her daughter fight with another freshman girl before the first period. The mother, according to Arlington Central School District Superintendent Dr. Dave Moyer, was not authorized to be in the building. The mother can be heard on a video of the fight using vulgar language to encourage her daughter to beat the other girl. The district did not mention the incident to the school community until an email was sent late Tuesday evening. The communication told of the fight and indicated that school officials and the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office were investigating the matter.

On Wednesday, Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office Captain John Watterson told Mid-Hudson News that the investigation is ongoing and there are currently no pending charges against the mother or either of the two students.

Dr. Moyer explained in a letter on Wednesday that the student’s mother accompanied her into school without being questioned by school security. According to Moyer, “The clothing and size of the parent allowed her to enter the building amidst the large group of students that were entering the building.” The superintendent went further, saying “While our security team does an exceptional job of supervising our points of entry during arrival, the parent was able to blend in with the students.” To further blend in, the mother can be seen wearing a backpack. She is also visible in the fight video, standing right next to the feuding freshmen.

Moyer said the incident will result in a review of the school’s procedures to ensure the safety and security of the occupants.

The superintendent also hinted at both district and legal punishment for those involved. “The students and the mother involved in yesterday’s incident will be held accountable for their actions under the District Code of Conduct and the law,” while also reminding students that their school ID must be worn at all times, he said.

Anyone with information regarding Tuesday’s incident is asked to contact the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office at 845-486-3800.


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