"Trees for Tribs" available in the Hudson Valley

Boy exploring in stream

Boy exploring in stream

If you own or manage property by a stream you know that erosion, floodwaters, and other factors can cause problems. You know that planting trees and/or shrubs would help alleviate some of that, but that can get pricey pretty quickly.

Never fear, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has a program just for you. Trees for Tribs provides, at no cost, trees, and shrubs for property owners whose land is located in the Hudson River Estuary Watershed and who also have a stream in or along their property.

Plantings can help stabilize stream banks as well as help clean the air and remove CO2. The application deadline is March 1 and in some cases, DEC staff can help select the right plants and prepare the site.

Find out if you qualify and get answers to any questions you may have, here.

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