Give Turtles a Brake in the Hudson Valley

Box Turtle on the Run in Wainscott, Long Island

Every May and June, thousands of turtles in New York are killed by motorists as they migrate to their nesting spots. While a turtle's shell protects it from predators, it is no match for a vehicle.

That's why the New York Department of Environmental Conservation is reminding motorists to be on the lookout for turtles in the road and slow down to avoid hitting them. If it is safe to stop your car, you could move the turtle to the side of the ride, being careful to pick the turtle up by the sides of its shell, never by the tail.

If it is a snapping turtle they have necks that can reach your hands on the side of their shells, so it's best to pick them up at the rear of their shell or slide a car mat under the turtle and slide them to the side of the road.

The NYSDEC also reminds us to never take turtles home. All native turtles are protected by law and the eleven species of land turtles here in New York are in decline, so even losing one female turtle has far-reaching consequences.

Photos: Getty Images

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