Guy Steals An Empty Cash Register Then Escapes By Jumping Into An Icy River

Nothing caps off a failed burglary quite like a quick dash of hypothermia.

Last week, a 32-year-old guy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada broke into a business at 10:15 P.M. and stole their cash register. The cops started chasing him . . . and the guy jumped into a river to escape.

Yes, he jumped into a river in Canada in November. The river was ICY and freezing, but the guy refused to be rescued for almost a half hour.

He FINALLY gave up after that, and paramedics pulled him out of the water and took him to the hospital. Somehow, he didn't wind up doing any serious damage staying in the freezing water that long, so they turned him over to the cops.

Oh . . . and it turned out the cash register he stole was EMPTY.

He's been charged with breaking and entering and theft. 

(CBC) Image © 2020 Getty Images