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Dude Builds Remote-Control Air Horn to Blast When His Neighbor's Dog Barks

Dog barking and howling

Photo: Getty Images

Is this clever or cruel? As always, the internet is divided . . .

A guy in San Diego named Jon DeMaria built a remote-control air horn to blast every time his neighbor's dog barks. He calls it the "Dog Zapper 2000".

He posted a video on TikTok to show how it works. He said the dog constantly barks at him, or any little sound. So, he decided to give it a taste of its own medicine.

Some people think it's genius, and he's had lots of requests to start selling them. But others say it's the owner's fault for leaving it outside all day, and he shouldn't be punishing the dog for it.

It's not clear if the air horn has made a difference or not. But it sounds like it at least worked in a roundabout way. Once he started using the horn, the dog's owner talked to him about it.

Since then, he's been able to meet the dog, whose name is Zoe. So now they're friends, and hopefully she won't bark at him so much. 

(Mirror) (Here's the original video, and here he is meeting the dog.) Image © 2022 Getty Images

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