Let's Get Deep Card Game

So I am about to leave the station to go get this game. I saw it on Tik Tok and was like that seems like a fun couples game. You can buy the game at Target, link Here.

You can play with more than just two people, I see that you can have up to like 20 plays. It reminds me of playing 20 questions, like the 50 Cent song. Hahahaha

Here is a small description:

It is from the makers of What Do You Meme, another fun game. It is a game to get to kne your significant other by asking and answering creative and fun questions in three levels, Ice Breaker, Deep and Deeper. Each round you draw 1 from Ice Breaker, 2 for Deep and 2 from Deeper. Of course one player reads the card out loud and the other answers. You would alternate turns with the person you are playing with starting to the Ice Breaker card and then working your way up to the 2 Deep and then to the 2 Deeper cards.

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